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Shakespearean Gardens

The gardens are beautiful and are prizewinning gardens. The Perth County Courthouse is surrounded by a pergola, as well as the oldest double-arch stone bridge in Ontario. The gardens have 60 varieties of herbs, flowers, and shrubs which are all Shakespeare's contemporaries and are mentioned in his plays. All these beautiful blooms are framed by thrift and boxwood with fragrant roses over the stone walls. Near the gardens, there is a river that flows to the east where you will find the beautiful cenotaph. Which is an inspiring monument dedicated to the fallen soldiers. Guests are encouraged to sit on the benches and sit in this beautiful oasis and think of those that have made sacrifices during times of war.

As you follow the river just a little farther you will come upon the grounds of the Festival Theatre. Right there is the beautiful Arthur Meighen Gardens that have beautiful roses, water pools, and trees. Spend a few minutes before or after a show. As you continue to walk past the theatre you will find the Millennium Park. This particular park is full of water plantings, soothing lighted fountains, native trees, and ornamental plantings, which is all set within the outdoor sculpture garden. Then at the end of your walk by the river, you will find the Confederation Park. It has a beautiful and soothing waterfall as well as a Japanese garden.

The gardens have been around for over 140 years. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed or are already pretty centered you will love how you feel here at the parks. The park is beautiful and relaxing and located in town. It is beautiful during the springtime, summer, and autumn when it is filled with the changing colors and with music. Take the time to spend the day in the gorgeous and relaxing area while in the town of Stratford, Ontario.